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How much are matinee tickets?

I don't know, but you could check their website. Here is the link: Type it into the search engine and you can check there.

Is the theater handicap accessible? Want to bring my brother there but he is in a wheelchair.

Yes....part if the Bridgewater Bloomingdale's.

Do the seats recline?

They dont mechanically recline like other fancier/newer theater seats, but they are large and comfortable and you have tons of space.

How much are the tickets

12.50 + tax

How do I buy AMC movie passes

You can bit via app, theater or online

How do I buy a ticket on line if I have two gift tickets

When you go to purchase your ticket, there should be a section that reads "gift card" and you put the information in there.

Will the Bridgewater AMC be showing the movie Unplanned?


I have ordered 4 tickets but didnot get any confirmation in my email. How do I know that seats are reserved for me.

I would call the theater or the number they give on the website to see if it went through just to make sure you have them reserved especially if the charge goes through

How much are tickets for seniors?

I'm not sure but there is a discount for seniors, kids and vets.

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